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Brooke Cheevers, Toronto Chapter 

During the last week of July, Brooke attended the YMCA Kid-tastic day camp at one of our local schools in Brantford.

The weekly theme was ‘Damsels and Dragons’ and was the basis of some of the stories, games and songs she learned. Every day at camp was a new adventure and full of new activities – some which were brand new experiences for Brooke. Each day began with interactive stories, role playing, and hand clapping games and silly songs in the gym while the kids stretched out their bodies in preparation for the day’s activities.  The mornings were full of active games such as soccer baseball, capture the flag, jump rope and water balloon fights. After lunch they boarded a school bus that would take them to one of our local conservation areas where they would spend the afternoon swimming in the pool and going on nature hikes where the kids learned about some of the habitats around the river.

Brooke had so much fun at camp this year. We noticed how engaged she was in the activities every day and she just couldn’t wait to sing us a new song, tell us a story or share something funny that one of the camp counselors did. She made a few new friends; one of the girls actually lives at the other end of our street that we didn’t even know it until Brooke met her at camp, and now they play together a few times a week.

Brooke said camp was the best week of her life. She really enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to go back again next year.

Thank you TSSC for choosing Brooke as a camp tuition recipient this year. Thank you so much to everyone that contributed and raised money in the Coins for Camp Campaign. It truly is amazing what the donation of a twoonie can do for an organization and the difference it can make in the lives of our beautiful butterflies.

On behalf of Brooke and the Cheevers Family – thank you!