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What The Society Offers

The Turner Syndrome Society of Canada is dedicated to enriching the lives of all those affected by Turner Syndrome through support, information & education.  We offer:

Public Awareness

Information is made available to the community, educators, doctors and other helping professionals, via our newsletters, this web site, and a reference library at our national office.

Annual Conference

The conference presents new medical findings and provides an opportunity for a free exchange of information between individuals living with Turner Syndrome and family members.


Support Groups

Our local chapters and contact groups offer support and a sense of community to those dealing with TS. These support groups provide opportunities for individuals with Turners Syndrome to celebrate successes and build friendships, as well as a safe place to discuss fears, troublesome experiences and “taboo” subjects. Parents of girls with TS gain information to help their daughters, and the chance to network both with other parents and with successful adult women with TS. The Society also has a toll free telephone line for those seeking information or connection with other TS families.

Is there a local group near me?

Local Chapters of the Turner Syndrome Society of Canada are located in Vancouver (British Columbia), Edmonton (Alberta), Toronto (Ontario), Ottawa (Ontario), Montréal (Quebec),  and Calgary (Alberta) . Local contact groups exist in Victoria, Calgary Thunder Bay, London, and  Windsor. Each group has its own unique activities and services and is connected to the national organization. These groups host events such as informal support meetings, information sessions or local conferences, social gatherings and fundraisers, Most groups maintain a mailing list to keep members updated on local activities and to circulate local newsletters.